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With over 25 years experience, we are located in the heart of New Mexico. We are pleased to offer an array of unique and beautiful animals. If you are filming in New Mexico, we are based out of Albuquerque and provide unmatched service and display animals. Part of ALL proceeds directly support the New Mexico Reptile Rescue, a non-profit rescue, relocation, and education service.

Be it a Spider for your commercial spot, an exotic centipede for your cinematic production, a Monitor Lizard that will fit perfectly
on the editing monitor, or a snake to slither into your scene,
Skin-Crawlers.com is THE source for exotic reptiles and arachnids

in New Mexico!

Service Request Contact Form:

"I have never liked the word "Wrangler to describe what I do. The definition of "Wrangle" is as follows:

1. a person in charge of horses or other livestock on a ranch.
2. a person engaging in a lengthy and complicated quarrel or dispute.

I believe that I am on a different level with several different species (most of them considered "outcasts" or "pests"), many of which are truly not tameable. It is through both conditioning, and a key understanding of their behavior that I am able to interact with these animals on level that many would consider "spiritual".

Some call me a professional snake and/or bug wrangler, I call it seamless interaction and respect for those creatures which society sometimes has a hard time sharing space with...."

Words from the founder,  Seth Thurston:

Please use the form below to initiate contact. All set locations and information will be kept with the highest level on confidentiality. If you are looking for an educational event. (Local venomous identification / first aid, Children's Party / School presentation.) Please let us know in the message area.

After we receive your message, we will put

together an estimate for our services within 48 hours. Please be assured that the safety of the cast / actors is at the top of our concerns, and know that you are dealing with a professional. We will take the time to find the right animal for the right job.

You may also give us a call at:

505-400-1563 and please leave a

message with your contact information,

and any other you think we may need.


Now featured on Carnivore Corner:

Scolopendra Subspinipes

Carnivore corner is dedicated to feeding some of our featured animals! We will be uploading new and exciting video's of our animals doing what they do best! Come and watch as we ring the dinner bell for some of the most voracious reptiles and arachnids on the planet. WARNING:Viewer discretion is advised.

   Vintage      Video:

Lost footage found! Back in 1991 I recorded one of my favorite Tarantulas moulting with a time lapse enabled, "high tech",  RCA camcorder. The tape was recently recovered, and now everyone can enjoy the process our eight legged friends go through when growing up!

Don't miss this one!